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My Predictions

There are seven horcruxes to be destroyed, six plus you-konw-who.
The ring and the diary have been destroyed. This leaves four more. I think that they are: the locket, the cup, the tiara, and ... Harry. I will hopefully write a post about Horcruxes, all the theories and which I think are correct and why, anothe time. This post is about how I think it will play out in the book.

This is how I think it will happen:

The Tiara:

Before Bill and Fleur's wedding, Mrs. Weasley will realize that her aunt's tiara (HBP ch29) is missing. She will say something about it once belonging to Rowena Ravenclaw. Upon further investigation, they will find out that it was stolen at the time of the Prewett's murders. Harry (or probably Hermione) puts all this together and realizes that the tiara is a horcrux. Later in the book, Harry will get the idea that because he NEEDS the horcruxes, that he should try using the Room of Requirements to find them. He will be presented with the room where everyhing is hidden and will find the tiara where he left it - on top of the Prince's copy of Advanced Potion Making.

The Locket:

At some point, Harry will be forced to flee the death eaters and will use his house, #12 Grimmauld Place as a hideout. While there, he will notice the family tree and conclude that RAB might have been Regulus. Hermione will tell him to interegate Kreacher about this. They will find out that Kreacher went with Regulus to the cave and also saved the locket in his "nest" at #12.

The Cup and the end:

Realizing that there are two Horcruxes left and only knowing what one of them is, Harry sets out to search for the cup. At some point he realizes that Snape has found and destroyed it - he's on our side after all. The shock of this revelation casues Harry to unintentionally break Lord Voldemort's occlumency against their connection and Voldemort is able to see for a minute into Harry's mind. He sees that Snape is a traitor and gets very angry. His anger causes Harry intense pain and Harry realizes that Voldemort must have found out about Snape.

Harry sets off to find Snape and warn him not to return to Voldemort. Harry catches up with Snape just as snape enters Voldemorts presence.

Voldemort looks from Harry to Snape... "My two worst enemies! Which of you should I kill first?" He proceeds to expain to Snape that he knows his true loyalty is not with him. Snape argues that he has always been loyal - that he killed Dumbledore! Voldemort explains to him that he must have killed Dumbledore on Dumbledore's orders. He now realizes that it was all a clever plan by Belatrix to trick Dumbledore into allowing Snape to kill him.

Voldemort raises his wand and points it at Snape. "Avada Kedavra!!" A bolt of green light zooms from the wand. After a split seconds thought, Harry jumps in front of it and crumbles to the floor.

Snape lets out a terrible laugh. He raises his own wand, points it at the still stunned Lord Voldemort and kills him. Having been afraid of death his whole life, he refuses to move on and becomes a ghost. Snape expailns to the ghost of Lord Voldemort all that Dumbledore had told him about the horcruxes. He tells him how Harry had destroyed the diary, Regulus had destroyed the locket, Dumbledore had destroyed the ring, Harry had destroyed the tiara, Snape himself had destroyed the cup, and now Voldemort's own spell had destroyed the last piece of soul - the one inside Harry.

The ghost of Lord Voldemort watches in horror as Snape walks over to Harry's body and feels his pulse - he is still alive! "As I thought," Snape says, "the Avada Kedavra curse can only destroy one soul at a time. When faced with the choice of Harry's or yours it chose the weakest one, the one that was not whole. Harry's soul is still alive inside of him. Having the extra piece of soul ripped from him merely knocked him out."

Snape thens makes a potion to revive Harry and explains to him everything that had happened. He ends by saying, "My job is done - Dumbledore is gone, Voldemort is gone. I can now be my own master. I hated your father and I still hate you Potter."

HP not a Horcrux!! thats my prediction... a horcrux has to be made intentionally!!! what if dd realized that DD IS A HORCRUX!!! GENIOUS that way the only person v ever feared could not kill him becuase hes a HORCRUX!!!! thats why dd allows himself to die ... win win situation for Vman if dd dies no one to fear if not than vMan cant die!!! ....
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